Impact evaluation is appropriate when one is looking in a mirror and needs a reflective analysis. Predictive Analytics is appropriate when one wants guidance from a GPS, based on where you’ve been. In both cases, business intelligence is captured consequently leading to insightful decision making.

Sometimes there are no clear evaluation questions or plan in place. That’s the real world. Predictive analytics is the application of sophisticated data mining, business and predictive analytic techniques. Valuable insights can be gained by leveraging on existing datasets or “big data” (i.e., cross-functional, disparate, multi-faceted data) to look for relationships, patterns, and trends that exist to predict desired outcomes. Smarter People Planning experts build custom predictive models to provide customers with credible, quantitative insights. These insights guide tactical and strategic decisions with the power of predictive intelligence. Predictive analytics can be a solution for any organization regardless of size, organizational capability, or data availability.