Impact Blueprint ®

Our Impact Blueprint service is a strategic process and tool to help you demonstrate business impact for a current investment and for planning future investments. You’ll identify the big-picture wins for your business and the micro wins that show your progress along the way.

Our Impact Blueprint service allows you to:

  • Gain stakeholder buy-in to your current or planned investments

  • Foster collaboration with your team and the rest of the organization

  • Embed accountability into your function

  • Remove the complexity and confusion around selecting business performance metrics (e.g., KPIs and other success measures)

  • Plan evaluation and measurement activities

  • See how your team’s activities contribute to the business and where you fall short

  • Make smarter decisions based on data

  • Drive continuous improvement

  • Enable strategic communication via a helpful tool

Our Impact Blueprint service has two options:

    • We coach you to build your own custom Impact Blueprint

    • Our consultants build your Impact Blueprint for you


Whichever one you choose, your Impact Blueprint will be tailored to your business and your needs. The process works for existing investments and investment planning. We can create an Impact Blueprint for any type of learning program, HR, or talent management initiative (e.g., leadership, project management, change management, etc.), regardless of delivery method.

To build your Impact Blueprint, we start by working collaboratively to document how your departmental vision and strategy is aligned to the corporate strategy. Next, we establish the business questions you need to address and determine the indirect and direct business measures that will show impact.

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The Impact Blueprint process and tool are both explained fully in our book: Be More Strategic in Business: How to Win through Stronger Leadership and Smarter Decisions. You’ll see how the Impact Blueprint fits into a complete model for winning strategic leaders.

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