Be More Strategic in BusinessSM

We often hear our clients say things like…

“I was told to be more strategic. What does that mean and how do I do it?”
“I know I need to be more strategic, but I’m not sure how to get there.”
“Why am I getting passed over for promotions?”
“I don’t even know how to start with this project?”
“How do I know this is the right vendor/partner for us?”
“How do I know what performance measure to select? There are so many and it’s confusing.”
“How can I make sure I am making smart investments and smart business decisions?”

We know it’s hard for leaders and their teams to always see over the jungle top. Sometimes it’s easier to just keep your head down and keep whacking away on the jungle floor. It feels good because we are busy. But, are we busy doing the right things? Are we getting the results the business needs? Results matter and the right results matter even more!
Our Be More Strategic in Business (BMSiB) change management services provide leaders, teams and organizations with the perspective, tools, and processes to zero-in on what matters while disregarding the noise. This keen focus allows you to deliver transformative, visible strategic business results when you are going for the win!

Our BMSiB services allow you to:

  • Show up and been seen as strategic
  • Think and communicate as a strategic leader regardless of your role
  • Ask smart business questions that you can actually answer
  • Use the right data to make smart decisions
  • Determine what performance measures lead to results that make a difference
  • See how your team’s activities contribute to the business and where you fall short
  • Inventory your business enablers
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in to your current or planned investments
  • Demonstrate the impact of your investments with a custom Impact Blueprint®
  • Identify the current and needed business capability and capacity to make strategic changes happen
  • Engage a trusted partner to help you knock down internal walls and barriers
  • Scaffold our expertise to you and your teams
  • Focus on continuous improvement

With our BMSiB service we offer:

  • 1.  One-on-one coaching
  • 2.  Team coaching
  • 3.  On-site and virtual workshops
  • 4.  Custom scoped projects

Why Smarter People Planning?

First, we have uber-satisfied clients! Why are they satisfied? Because our clients are also our friends and we win together! We are a boutique consulting firm with the ability to scale on-demand because of our deep network and industry ties. We are all thought leaders in our respective fields. You never work with a junior consultant. All of our consultants have many years of experience in a variety of industries, education/academia, and the federal government. We teach you how to be us! #BeMoreStrategicinBusiness

Contact us today so you can Be More Strategic in YOUR business!