Who’s At the Table? Apparently Not L&D!

In PwC’s article – Who’s at the table? The C-suite and 20 years of change, there is no specific mention of a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Chief Talent Development Officer (CTDO), or Chief Learning Officer (CLO) “at the table” in the past, present and future. We all know that HR in some form is usually “at the table,” but, as usual, Learning & Development is not even in the equation. Maybe in the future when the CEO orchestrates an ecosystem of expert leaders, L&D will finally be recognized for the value we bring. The reason I find the list of “usual suspects” interesting is because the 2014 and 2016 CEO surveys revealed that skilled & competent talent are a CLO strategic need to drive innovation and to create the competitive edge. If competent talent is such a need why isn’t L&D at the table?

I anxiously await the 2017 PwC CEO survey findings to see if L&D is again, undervalued. Add the PwC 2017 survey reveal to your calendar today!